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The Color Run is 5K of running madness in the US and great news for the UK it is on it’s way over here!!
Only loveliest 5K run on the planet!!

Color Run’s Facebook page needs 500 shares before they will tell us they UK event news!!!

This unique paint race ”The Color Run’ is known also as  the happiest 5K on the planet and celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to your community.

This untimed race is not how fast you can run or what time you can do your mile in, but more about having fun and the time of your life.

This is a fantastic 5K run in which thousands of participants are drenched from head to toe in different colours at every kilometer , ending at the finishing line with an amazing “Color Festival” using even more coloured powder, including millions of vivid colour combinations, giving you the best post 5K party on the planet!

Since its debut in January 2012 in the US the Color Run has gone from 50 events and 600,000 participants in the US to over 100 events and over a million people taking part for 2013 all over the world.

Organisers focus on giving back to the community by choosing a charity for each city they visit, so far they have raised donations for over 60 local and national charities.

Love is in the air!

The Color Run caters for everyone from 2 years to 80 year olds, from beginners to professional athletes.

Some runners participate to remember loved ones who have passed away or to celebrate loved ones who are still with us or fighting diseases.

In the wake the Boston Marathon bombings what we need is a reminder of the love that the world has to offer. The Color Run events are all about love and since it started there have been approximately 10 marriage proposals and one wedding!

The Color Run have been using Facebook to advertise their Color Run UK, but as yet they are just teasing us!

Until they receive 500 shares, they won’t be releasing any dates….SO come on guys what you waiting for? Go to Facebook and get sharing.

As soon as the UK events are listed BritEvents will let everyone know of the towns and cities where you can join the colourful party!!

The Color Run is expected in the UK for 2013. Who's joining them?

Color Run UK!!!!!!!!!!

You can apply to take part in this totes amaze run, where you are literally running for your life through a 5Km course dodging the undead.

Run for your life

During this scary run, you will have to navigate your way around a multitude of obstacles, specifically designed to slow you down, while you try to escape from the Zombie horde who will be trying to run you down and eat your brains.

There are two ways to partake in this hilarious race. Either by escaping the dead or become one of the zombies hunting for their next meal.

The Zombie Evacuation Race takes the brave participants through a terrifying running journey of their lives. You will have to navigate through a 5k forest with a series of obstacles, whilst being chased by a relentless horde of Zombies.

Race participants will have to make strategic choices along the course to find the quickest and safest route to the finishing line.

This crazy Halloween event uses Hollywood SFX makeup artists and pyrotechnicians in making this Zombie experience  as realistic as possible and an event that you’ll never forget!

I do?

If you are lucky enough to complete the course uneaten, than participants can celebrate at the Post Evacuation Party with  ‘Zombie Target Practice’ and other Zombie inspired games. The prizes, contests and delicious food will  make you feel glad to be alive.

If you feel that you’ll be too afraid to be chased but the undead  (to be fair who’d wouldn’t be), you could join the cast in various roles or simply attend as a spectator.

Race schedules and registration packages are available for individuals and teams on The Zombie Evacuation Race site for dates and times got to

Happy running!







Love it or hate it, The Grand National has become a British sporting institution, with millions of people tuning in each year to watch the most famous horse racing event in the world.

Held each year at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, Merseyside since 1839, the John Smith’s Grand National is a three-day event packed with some of the finest horse racing events ever to grace the sporting calendar.

Prize money for the Grand National is set to reach a staggering £1m, thanks to the impact of John Smiths, the major sponsor who have been behind the race for some years.

With the biggest stars of the show being the horses themselves, it’s set to be a fantastic event yet again.

Various packages are available for the Grand National 2010 tickets.  

Why not visit the ticket pages to compare the best prices from top ticketing companies.