The Nottingham Ghost Walk Is A Walk You Won’t Forget!

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Attractions
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BritEvents have information and tickets for The Nottingham Ghost Walk which takes place every Saturday except in December.

The ‘Original Nottingham Ghost Walk’ started in 1993 and has since got better every year.

Will you encounter the famous Ghost of Nottingham

Nottingham Ghost Tour

The Nottingham Ghost Tour takes you through the older parts of Nottingham City near the Castle, and here is where the street plan is almost 1000 years old and the ghosts remain hidden until some poor unsuspecting tourist shows up!

Take part in the tour which includes some seriously ghostly tales, telling you not only where ghosts haunt, but the reason why they haunt the area and the different ghosts that you could encounter during this terrifying tour.

With a story of the history of the castle, the towns history, the odd gory execution, and a graveyard (of course!), could even lead you to an encounter with the real ghost who has been seen on many occasions during the tours! If you dare, join them next Saturday for a walk you won’t forget!

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